Our Origins

Our Philosophy

The name, a blend of 'solivagant'—a lone wanderer—and the bloom of freshly roasted coffee, symbolizes the quest for meaning. Each pour-over bloom mirrors our journey, a solitary pursuit converging into a shared love for great coffee. Our motto, "Alone in our journey, together in our love of great coffee," encapsulates the essence of Solivagant Bloom—connecting individual paths through the rich tapestry of coffee origins and flavors.

Single-Source | Dual-Purpose

Our beans, sourced ethically from co-op farms, embody the interconnectedness found in the roots of Arabica beans originating in Ethiopia. Solivagant Bloom invites you on a journey—seeking purpose, connection, and the exquisite flavors brewed from carefully selected beans. Join us in savoring the nuanced tastes of coffee regions, uniting in a shared love of a shared moment. We hope you enjoy what we have created.